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Phone swap eligible devices

Journeyman XNA

Phone swap eligible devices

Connecting an Iphone 4 from Verizon carrier shouldn’t be this difficult. The Iphone4 is my mom's favorite phone (IDK why). The issue I experienced started when I bought the phone from ‘KaitIyn.’ She hadn’t mentioned it was a Verizon phone and I also did not ask. May I add, we’ve been Sprint customers since 1999. I contacted sprint, was unable to swap lines because it was locked, I contacted Kaitlyn, she was of no help, then I contacted Verizon. I had Trinidad, a Verizon Representative, on the phone that searched through all possible resources provided by Verizon, including Search engines for confirmation, to convert the Alphabetical HEX/DEC number to a numeric version in order for Sprint to successfully transfer the active Sprint line, since 1999, to the Iphone 4. Even after Trinidad figured it all out he verified everything he input and output was correct. In addition, together, we did a IMEI verification which concluded the phone was NOT reported stolen or blacklisted. Trinidad was very knowledgeable, patient and diligent. He went as far as staying on the line with me as I opened a Live Chat with Sprint Customer Care.

May I remind you I have a live Verizon Rep on the phone consulting my responses between Sandra K. and I.



Sprint : We received your information and will connect you with a Chat Specialist soon


Sandra K : Thanks for contacting Sprint. I am happy to help you today.


Sandra K : Hi


You : Thank You, Sandra. I would like to transfer my phone number to a new device


Sandra K : I will certainly assist you with that


You : I tried early this morning, which would be noted  to the account.


Sandra K : Do not worry. We will work like a team and we will do it successfully.


Sandra K : Please give me a moment to access your account information.


Sandra K : On which number you to activate your new device?




Sandra K : Thanks


Sandra K : As per previous notes, it says that device is not compatible. I will check it for you.


You : I have the converted MEID


Sandra K : Can I have the MEID of the new device please?




Sandra K : Thanks


Sandra K : Do you have HEX or DEC code on the box because this MEID is not being accepted by out system. My system is giving me the error.


You : just a sec.




You : HEX


Sandra K : My system is also giving me the error saying that your new device is not compatible.


Sandra K : Where did you get this from?


Sandra K : Is it sent from Sprint?


You : I have a verizon rep on the phone right now.


You : he said its unlocked


You : you can use the HEX and force activate the phone


Sandra K : I do understand you concern however we are still not able to swap it.


Sandra K : Therefore, I am raising the ticket for you.


Sandra K : And we will make it compatible for Sprint. It can take up to 72 business hours.


You : ok please and thank you


Sandra K : Can I have the name and the model number of the new phone.


You : iphone 4


You : MC678LL/A


Sandra K : Thanks


Sandra K : Can I have your e-mail address please?


You : (HIDDEN)


Sandra K : I am just raising the ticket for you. I will take couple of minutes.


Sandra K : I have done it for you. I would request you to wait for 72 business hours. It will done.


Sandra K : I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused due to this delay


You : its ok


Sandra K : I wish I could do right now for you.


Sandra K : I feel so bad for you.


Sandra K : Is there anything else I can assist you with today?


You : its not life threatening or anything. It'll get resolved and just going to take a little longer that anticipated.


Sandra K : We will certainly get this sorted.


You : Thank You Sandra for your help.


Sandra K : Have a great day! Thank you for choosing Sprint!


Notice she says, “We will make it compatible for Sprint.”

Now, fast forwarding 15 days later, I’ve yet to receive further instructions from sprint or a follow up or a courtesy email that they’ve acknowledged the issued ticket.


Sprint : Hi, Can I assist you with your Phone Activation? Chat now with a Care Specialist.

Sprint : Type a message below to get started.

You : swap phones from Verizon carrier.

Melissa K : Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Melissa K. I am happy to help you today.

You : Hi

You : I have been trying to swap one of the lines to an iphone4

You : there should be notes for a ticket raised to tech support for XXX-XXX-XXXX

Melissa K : I apologize for the long wait. Please give me just a moment to pull up your account and review the reason for your chat.

Melissa K : No need to worry

Melissa K : If you wish I can connect you to tech team now

You : yes please, I would appreciate it.

Melissa K : Sure

Melissa K : Just a heads up, the process to connect you may take a short while, as this is one of our busiest times. Thank you very much for your patience.

Melissa K : Please do not disconnect the chat

You : no problem, Thank you.

Melissa K : The process to connect you will only take a few minutes and once it?s completed you?ll be in touch with a specialist.

Manish S : Thank you for your patience, this is Manish in Oklahoma City. To better assist you, please allow one moment while I review your chat log.

You : Hi.

Manish S : I apologize for the issues with swapping a device you are experiencing, I will be happy to assist you with this today! I also want to personally thank you for being a Sprint customer; we here at Sprint appreciate your loyalty.

You : Smiley Happy

Manish S : May I get the 6 to 10 digit PIN on the account or the first pet?s name?


Manish S : Thank you so much. May I get the IMEI number for that iPhone?


Manish S : Thank you. One more moment please.

You : Ok

You : Thank you for your help.

Manish S : Sure thing.

Manish S : So the iPhone 4 would be considered a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) since its a Verizon phone. Sprint has a list of BYOD devices that can be brought and activated on the Sprint network, the list is as follows:

Manish S : Eligible devices include (domestic versions):
?Alcatel IDOL5
?Apple iPhone 5c (Verizon only)
?Apple iPhone 5s (Verizon only)
?Apple iPhone 6
?Apple iPhone 6 Plus
?Apple iPhone 6s
?Apple iPhone 6s Plus
?Apple iPhone 7 (Verizon only)
?Apple iPhone 7 Plus (Verizon only)
?Apple iPhone 8 (Verizon only)
?Apple iPhone 8 Plus (Verizon only)
?Apple iPhone SE
?Apple iPhone X (Verizon only)
?Essential Phone
?Google Nexus 5 (16 & 32 GB ? black/white/red) (Verizon only)
?Google Nexus 5X (all versions)
?Google Nexus 6 (32 & 64 GB ? black/white)
?Google Nexus 6P (all versions)
?Google Pixel
?Google Pixel XL
?Google Pixel 2
?Google Pixel XL 2
?HTC One A9 (Sprint Version only) Swap A Sprint version to Sprint? Say what?
?LG X Charge
?moto e4
?moto e4 plus
?moto g4
?moto g4 play
?moto g4 plus
?moto g5 plus
?moto g5s plus special edition
?moto x pure edition
?moto x4
?moto z2 play
?Orbic Wonder
?Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Special Edition
?Samsung Galaxy S7 Special Edition
?Samsung Galaxy S8 Special Edition
?Samsung Galaxy S8+ Special Edition

Manish S : As you can see, the iPhone 4 is not on the list, and cannot be activated on Sprint at this time. I'm very sorry about that. However, that may change in the future.

You : I've read through sprint forums and they said its possible. you can't force activate it with the HEX DEC?

Manish S : The BYOD list is the allowed list that can be brought over to Sprint at this time. However, I'll be happy to take the HEX/DEC number you provided earlier to try and perform the swap anyway. Just a moment please.

Manish S : As I suspected, I tried to load the serial number into the Sprint inventory and it will not allow me to do so because it is not a compatible BYOD device. I sincerely apologize for the frustration. There are several Verizon devices that can be activated on Sprint, unfortunately the iPhone 4 is not one of them at this time.

Manish S : Now I do show the line is upgrade eligible. Would you like me to get you to our Upgrades department to discuss upgrades on the line?

You : No. Thank you for your time.

Manish S : Is there anything else I can possibly assist you with today?

You : not at this time.

Manish S : Would you say you?re satisfied with the customer service I have provided you today?

You : Yes

Manish S : I appreciate that. Have a great day and thank you for choosing Sprint!

You : YW!


I spent 30 minutes with Trinidad which I didn’t mind because I could hear his determination. I spent less than 15 minutes with each Sprint Representative that could only gratify me with “Sorry but, you’re out of luck, is there anything else we can assist you with?” 

Did he really add a Sprint Version Only to the SWAP List? What?

How far into the future is he talking about? I’ve seen post with the same problem as far back as 2011 and there’s no solution?


Re: Phone swap eligible devices

XNA. I know it can be confusing, but the iPhone 4 is not supported by our Network, unless it is a Sprint branded device. The first agent tried to add the device to the database, but it did not work because it was not supported and even if we try to add it, it will not allow us to activate the phone. Due to some limitations, some devices aren't compatible, here you can find more information about our Bring your own device program.



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