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Premium International Experience/Iphone 6


Premium International Experience/Iphone 6

Good Evening!  One of our family members has an iPhone 6 on our account with Premium International Experience added as a service ($0 cost).  They will be traveling to Mexico City around mid January, and will be there for approximately six months.  They may travel back to the states every few months for a day or two, but the majority (95% of the usage) will be in Mexico.    


I called international support, as I was looking to see what options they have while in Mexico.  I thought Premium International was just for light usage (vacations, small excursions a few weeks at a time, etc), but the agent explained they could use their iPhone in Mexico, unlimited LTE/talk/text, for the next six months without termination from Sprint.  I would have thought there would be a cap on this plan, or if a certain percentage of service was not utilized in the States, they would terminate the Premium International Experience plan.  In addition, the agent even suggested putting the line in "standby" for a reduced cost, which will only keep the Premium International Experience plan active while he is out of the country.


I am just curious if this is truly accurate?  It sounds too good to be true.  Can our family member spend six months in Mexico (100% usage in Mexico), with the Premium International Experience added on to the account, without termination of the plan or services?  


If this is true, way to go Sprint!  Can someone please verify?







You can use the phone while in Mexico. You can visit this link to see what the rates will be for voice calls below. I personally would not put the line on standby, because you will be charged if you use the device.  Your family member will get free SMS texting and free basic data roaming. But there will be charges per minute for voice calls, and for 4G data roaming it will be $5/day or $25/week. 


I am confused.  I thought the Premium International Plan allowed free talk,  4G data, and text in Mexico?  Also, can this be utilized for the entire length of time spent in Mexico?  He will be there six months, and my concern is the service being terminated or suspended if the usage is 100% in Mexico. 




It does not include free international services. The line will still remain on the plan as normal, but voice calls might cost per minute. The website will tell you exactly what it will cost. 


The website is saying free calls while in Mexico, along with data.  My continued question is can this be utilized for a long period of time, around six months, without the line or international plan being terminated?  


Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 8.35.52 PM.png


As long as the account holder doesn't shut the line off or cancel services, then no there won't be any interruption. 

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