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Refurbished IPhones on Sprint?


Refurbished IPhones on Sprint?

DSCHOOLPSYCH-Any time you buy Re-furbished phone(iPhone), make sure you get the ESN Number and check if that phone can be activated on Sprint Network. You can also check the ESN whether it's good for activation on and choose carrier as  Sprint.

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Refurbished IPhones on Sprint?

Doesn't look like it. They just came out to Sprint in October.

But, used prices are starting to slip a bit. You might be able to pickup a used Sprint iPhone 4 for $350 to $400 and a Sprint iPhone 4S for a bit more. You'll have to use eBay or Craigslist.

If you go that route, the only way I'd do it is to use Craigslist, buy local, and meet seller at a Sprint store, activate line/phone, then pay seller.  Too many hot phones out there.


Refurbished IPhones on Sprint?

Hello-I am looking for IPhone options. I have a Samsung Epic GalaxyII. Though I like the phone, I would really like to try an Iphone. Is there a way to get a refurbished Iphone? I am not eligible for an upgrade until July, 2013.