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Some useful apps to help save space on you 16gb


Some useful apps to help save space on you 16gb

Trying to save some space for your music here are some apps

Great Apps


Try Trillian it works honestly better than facebook when someone messages you and it runs in the background

Replacement for trapster and Telenav

Try Waze it has live traffic updates along with police and allows you to report to other users. Not to mention it has a GPS Navigation which actually is pretty good in my uses so far.

Trying to hid pictures/videos/document

My disk is the app for you

all 3 of these apps are free

and other useful apps id love for them to be share


I'm just using icloud. I have my 4s, ipad2, and iMac all set up on it. Anything I do on my phone instantly goes to the other 2 devices. Typically save the pics on the computer and delete from my phone. Don't have much music on the 4s, I have the Aol radio app for music. Have videos and movies on my iPad and iPod. So don't put those on my phone either.

So far I have 2.6 gigs used on my iPhone, that's it. And most of that is apps


iCloud + dropBox + Itunes Sharing, using about 2gb of 64, considering downgrading to a 16 or 32.

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