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Sprint Financial Eligibility Check iPhone 6+?


Sprint Financial Eligibility Check iPhone 6+?

Someone please tell me what is going on with Sprint and this Financial Eligibility Check?  This nightmare has cost me 20 hrs in the last week.  I activated 6 new lines with Sprint, purchased 4 new phones and (tried) to port in 2 of my exiting phones.  My Galaxy activated just fine but i iPhone6+ did not.  This is where it gets crappy.


First, the history of this iPhone from birth to today.

1) Purchased unlocked at Apple Store January of 2016 by me (model = A1524)

2) Drove it to US Cellular (also CDMA network) and activate the phone as I was a current customer just replaced an older iPhone on my account.

3) Tried to bring the phone over to sprint last week and was summarily denied.


Sprint has been very shady with explaining why, their answers vary but the latest answer is "Your phone is not compatible" which Apple has confirmed for me is complete crap, my phone, if you look at the model (A1524), was the unlocked version but also the one made especially for Sprint with the appropriate network bands.


I called them out and said, no, Your FAQ section for BYOD specifically says my iPhone 6+ is compatible, which is why I settled on Sprint as my carrier.  They responded with this (which they Tweeted to me instead of calling be back after a 90 minute phone call a few hours earlier, who does that?).



Hey Jeremy, Thank you for taking our call. As discussed, the issue you are experiencing with having your device with MEID: **masked** activated on our network, was escalated. However, the device is not compatible. On our website, under "FAQs about BYOD". 
One of the question states: Why isn't my device eligible?
•Unlocking your Apple device will not necessarily make it interoperable with the Sprint Network.
•A device designed for one network is not compatible with another network merely by unlocking it.
•Due to this limitation, some devices aren't eligible.
 We notice that the device you purchased was designed to work on Boost iPhone 6 Plus 64GB. Although it may have worked on your previous Provider's network, it is incompatible Sprint. 
The solution: You would need to purchase an new device. Sprint has great offers on lease devices. Visit  for more purchasing options. -SH



It sounds like they are trying to refute my argument that this phone is compatible based on their FAQs by pointing to this obscure and unrelated FAQ about Boost Mobile.  Here's the thing, they have mentioned on 3 different occasions something about Prepaid phones... I have never had a prepaid plan, my phone was purchased unlocked direct from Apple and activated on a Postpaid Plan with US Cellular.  I am still a customer with US Cellular and in good standing, they have confirmed repeatedly there is no hold on my account and they even stayed on the line with us while we called Sprint to tell them they had no hold on this account.


Is this a scam from Sprint to limit the amount of BYOD that can come over or have they mistakenly blacklisted my phone's IMEI thinking it came from a prepaid carrier (which i'm not sure why that would matter anyways but it's not the case).  


This has all but guaranteed I will cancel my plan with Sprint before the 14-day window is up.

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