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Sprint iPhone 4S for sale


Sprint iPhone 4S for sale

Hey guys,

I am sick of Sprint not unlocking my iphone, and cancelling my contract. I am moving to another country, and i wont be able to use Sprint, so I am selling my Sprint iPhone 4s white 16gb. It's been always used with case, and in mint condition. I am asking only $275. please contact me if you are interested in.



Thanks for your post. What was the hangup in getting the phone unlocked for international use? The parameters are that the phone would have to be on the account for 90 days or greater and the account would have to be in good standing. What issues did you come across in getting it done? Have you spoken with our World Wide team? Please let me know. Thanks!


Sprint Social Care Team



I have always paid my bills on time. The problem with my account is that there is an account spending limit, and i was told that i would have to wait 18 months from the start of my contract. I am on month 17th, and have always paid my bills on time. Even though there is only one more month left to unlock it, sprint says they will not unlock it and that i have to wait exactly 18 months. I have a Trip to Europe where i need to use local sim, but apparently sprint does not value me as a customer. Therefore since i am already buying a new phone and sim card to use in Europe, i might as well cancel my account.

And for your question, yes i have contacted sprint and talked to 7 different people including the manager. And i have no plan to call back except for the last call i will make to cancel my account.

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