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Sprint locked my customer owned iPhone 6s Plus?


Sprint locked my customer owned iPhone 6s Plus?

I signed my family up for Sprint's free for a year plan bringing our unlocked phones from AT&T. I activated my son's iPhone 6s Plus on the free for a year plan, but after a week, my son decided to buy a iPhone 8 plus. He bought an unlocked iPhone 8 plus and did an ESN swap with Sprint. He then sold his old iPhone 6s Plus to his grandmother to use on RedPocket Verizon. We tried to do the ESN swap on RedPocket today to the iPhone 6s plus, and they told us the phone was not eligible. This is despite the Verizon website showing the phone could be activated. I called Sprint Customer Support, and they told me the iPhone 6s plus was locked to Sprint. They also said that since I wasn't a customer for 50 days, they couldn't unlock the iPhone 6s plus. I then spoke to a supervisor, and she said she was creating a ticket and we would get an e-mail in 24 to 48 hours.


Can Sprint really lock a customer owned iPhone to their network? How is this legal? I inserted a Three UK SIM card in the iPhone 6s plus, and it immediately roamed onto T-mobile, sms and data worked. So it's not SIM locked but somehow CDMA locked out of Verizon. This is frustrating since the iPhone 6s plus was already unlocked and customer owned. I would appreciate some help other than waiting on an e-mail in 24 to 48 hours. 


Thanks for your post today!


I'm sorry to hear about the inconvenience this may have caused.


In this situation, if a case for the unlock has already been created all we can do for now is wait. When you do receive the email, if any further help is needed or if you have any other doubts or concerns, we'll be happy to look into them for you.


In the meantime, please make sure the device remains on, with the Sprint SIM card in and if possible connected to Wi-Fi to make sure it receives the unlock signal.


Once you receive confirmation, if your iPhone is not active on Sprint, the update will go through when you place the SIM card from another carrier in the phone.


If the phone still indicates locked when inserting a different SIM card, please tether to iTunes with an active internet connection and complete a backup, erase and restore.

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Based on some research and advice from on-line forums, I've been told that the FED flag (Financial Eligibility Date) has not been met. This makes no sense to me because the iPhone 6s Plus is owned free and clear by my son. I also put in a T-mobile sim card and the iPhone 6s Plus worked fine with sms and data, so I don't think an unlock will help me. I need Sprint to remove the FED flag from the phone. Why would Sprint put the FED flag on a phone that was customer owned and brought to Sprint?


I get why you are worried. I just want to make sure everything is correct. Can you hop over to private message so I can get some account information from you?


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Sprint has done the same to my iPhone 7 Plus. Sprint placed a financial eligibility flag on my iPhone so now I'm not able to activate my iPhone on Boost, nor Virgin Mobile, nor Ting, nor Tello, nor any of Sprint's MVNOs.


I had purchased my iPhone at the Apple store, I bought the SIM-free "Buy without a carrier" version, and I paid the Apple store $917.66 in full with my credit card - I have proof, I have the electronic receipt from the Apple store from where I purchased it.  


Sprint has no right to place any kind of financial flag on a device that was paid for in full, and that was not even theirs in the first place.  


If that flag is not removed, I have no other choice than to contact the FCC.


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Hey @perdy, I'm here to help! I'm sending you a PM. I'll need the IMEI from the phone. Do you still have a Sprint account? If so, I will also ask for your account info.





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My problem has finally been fixed. 


I PMed you, could you check your messages?

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