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Trying to Upgrade to 5S in Apple Store, Getting "Account Locked Error"


Trying to Upgrade to 5S in Apple Store, Getting "Account Locked Error"

Hi, I spent about 3 hours in line waiting to get the 5S this morning at the Apple Store. In the line, I used the Apple Store app (not the App Store) to see which line were available to upgrade, but when I entered the account information I got a message saying that access to my account was blocked. I then wanted to sign into my account to check which lines were eligible for an upgrade, however I couldn't remember my password and was locked out. I called Sprint to inform them of the message I was getting on the app and to find out how to get access to the online account and was told that the account should reset itself within 20 minutes. That never happened.

Luckily there was a Sprint rep there at the store who was able to look and verify that there were two lines eligible and she told me that my account was not locked. I planned to sell my phone to Apple and do a cross-upgrade. When I finally get into the store, the specialist and I start the transaction to upgrade the device, we enter the account information and his device says that my account is locked. We worked with the Sprint rep who confirmed again that the account was not locked on Sprint's side, that it must be an Apple issue. The Specialist then called a special number and spoke with the people who run the Easy Pay app (which is on the iPhones they use to check out) and he was told that this is a known issue when trying to couple a buy-back with the purchase of a new device and it would be fixed by the end of the day. I returned later to see if the issue had been resolved and it hadn't. I called Sprint again who said that the account was not locked and that I would have to buy the phone from Sprint and not through Apple. I was informed by an Apple specialist that this error message has to do with security settings on the account, something to do with fraud, however all of the information that was entered was correct. I'm very confused, and very upset behind this.


Re: Trying to Upgrade to 5S in Apple Store, Getting "Account Locked Error"

The same situation is happening to me. Sprint keeps blaming Apple for the account lockout but I definitely think it's Sprint's fault. There are many people with the same problem (all sprint customers) and they have neglected to pay attention and fix it. I spent many hours on the phone with sprint but no one would help. I have an enormous plan of many lines with sprint. If I am unable to purchase the iPhone 5s via the apple store, I may very well terminate my business with this company. Keep it up sprint; keep losing your customers.


Re: Trying to Upgrade to 5S in Apple Store, Getting "Account Locked Error"


Thanks for posting and my apologies for the delayed reply. Was this issue rectified? If not, please feel free to send me a private message with you phone information and I'll be happy to research the issue and escalate if needed.

Thank you,



Re: Trying to Upgrade to 5S in Apple Store, Getting "Account Locked Error"

I'm having yhe same issue why

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