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Unlock iPhone 5c


Unlock iPhone 5c

hello sprint,

im from Sri Lanka and i have bought a iphone 5c in ebay. its currently locked to sprint network. seller told me the iphone is Clean IMEI and Clean ESN and the all payment has been i have received the phone.the number is [Personal Information Removed], and the imei is [Personal Information Removed]. can you unlock this phone?

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Re: Unlock iPhone 5c


Thanks for reaching out to us. This link will provide you with information about our unlocking policy:

Sprint Social Care

Re: Unlock iPhone 5c

If you read thru all the strings on the unlock of an iPhone 4s, you will find that Sprint will not do it for domestic use. We got tired of waiting and talking to their service people, so I took our two iPhone 4S's to  Ting - mobile that makes sense , a Sprint reseller recently and have cut our bill from $150/month to around $50. Still on Sprint circuits, but unless we go nuts with data or international calls, we should save a bundle each month. You can tether devices on them too, if you can stand the slow 3G speeds.

So for now anyway, we are immune to all the misinformation from Sprint Care. They know what I mean, now we will wait them out and maybe at the end of it the 4S phones we own will be released from hostage, as is only fair, since we paid full price for them over the 2 year contract.

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