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Unlock my iPhone


Unlock my iPhone

I made a request two weeks ago for Sprint to unlock my iPhone of which is paid in full and no longer under a contract.  I OWN THE PHONE. Received an email stating unable to unlock because the phone is with another carrier. Not true, I am with Sprint. Have made three additional phone calls as well as a chat requesting for my phone to be unlocked. Regardless of Domestic or International use this is My phone and want UNLOCKED. Not one sole can give ma an answer. My phone is still locked two weeks later. They will not transfer me to a manager. There is no official site to file a complaint. This is unacceptable to say the least. 


I can look into this for you. I am going to private message you for more information. But I am going to link our unlock policy. Please take a look at it, and follow the steps for a successful unlock. SOLUTION: Sprint Hints for Successful Unlocks

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