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Unlocking From Boost to Sprint


Unlocking From Boost to Sprint



So right now we are with Boost Prepaid. We bought phones through boost (no contract paid in full) so they locked them onto Sprint's network for 12months per their policy. We want to switch to Sprint, and we also want to unlock our phones sooner than a year from now. I understand that the phones will work on Sprint's network even if they're locked since they are locked to Sprint's network, but Sprint also has a different unlocking policy than Boost. 


Boost says you have to have the phone on their network for 12 months before they'll unlock it. Sprint says the same requirements, but only for 50 days. My question is, could we switch to Sprint, wait 50 days, unlock our phones through Sprint instead of Boost, and still have service all the while since the phones already work on Sprint's network (ie boost uses Sprint's network)? Or will Boost not unlock our phones for a year even if we switch to Sprint?




- Joe


Even though Boost is our prepaid, we don't cross our policies. The Boost phones won't work for Sprint. We don't allow prepaid phones to come onto our BYOD. To qualify with a BYOD, the phone has to be purchased directly from the manufacturer or another prepaid carrier. 





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