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Unlocking an iPhone SE


Unlocking an iPhone SE

Hi, I'm in need of help to unlock an iPhone SE, so I can use it on international networks. Is there anyone out there who can save me from countless more hours on the phone with Sprint support?


The iPhone SE was purchased new by me. Again, this phone is new (old stock) and there is no previous owner! The IMEI is clean, as confirmed by a Sprint agent over chat.


I bought this phone to use overseas, so I'm kindly asking for assistance to unlock it! Thanks to anyone who can help!




Thanks for all the advice. I've signed up for a Sprint account and will update this thread when I reach the 50-day mark (late December). To be continued!




It has been 50 days since I opened my Sprint account. Did I successfully achieve the Carrier Unlock for my iPhone SE?


The answer is…


Sadly, no. So, what happened? Let’s go back to the start. I opened an account on 11/7, signed up for a basic plan, and enrolled in auto-pay billing for ~$45/month. All set. As I’m overseas and already have another phone for international use, I put my Sprint phone aside, waiting in anticipation for the 50 days to pass so I can apply for the Carrier Unlock.


On 12/28, after counting down the 50 days (actually 51 days, an extra day for safety), I excitedly contacted Sprint Support to request my unlock. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. I had done everything asked of me, so I felt a sense of accomplishment, naturally.


I spent over an hour on the phone, (and in the chat window) with various Sprint agents, bouncing around from department to department, lost in a convoluted maze of corporate bureaucracy. Apparently on 12/3, unknown to me, the account was deactivated for lack of usage. I was never informed of this, and didn’t even know that it was a possibility. I mean, I was continuing to get monthly bill invoices from Sprint!


Slowly, I started to make progress with Sprint Support. My account was re-opened. I was told the Carrier Unlock would proceed, and I would need to wait 4 business days for the unlock process to finish. Hallelujah. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


But a couple hours later, I received an email stating that (pasted): "Letting you know your iPhone SE 128GB on line 9XXXXXXXXX cannot be unlocked because it hasn't been active for more than 50 days." Huh? Of course, this message is sent from a “no-reply email address”. I’ve been left for dead in the water.


But again, huh? It's devastation. Remember, I was still enrolled in auto-pay billing, with Sprint debiting me monthly, for a phone I didn’t use — and that is not any closer to being unlocked!


So, I proceeded to contact and chat with Sprint Support. The process began again. I would keep the Sprint Chat window active and open as I talked with (and was on hold) with various more Sprint Agents on the phone. The Sprint Chat Agent would provide words of encouragement, with promises that my issue would be resolved, and that I needed just 1% of their trust, etc. But they could do little, as I would learn, and I had to call specific departments at Sprint to proceed with the solving this issue.


On the phone, a Sprint Agent would say that it hadn't been 50 days of uninterrupted service. But I didn’t interrupt the service. Sprint interrupted my service. At this point, it's becoming a type of torture game. They ask if I'm military. Nope. Okay, then no exception can be made. I was then told it was active for 26 days before the deactivation occurred, and I have 24 days left before the phone qualifies for Unlocking, on 1/22. (Hm, but this isn't "uninterrupted service". Whatever.) As I said, it’s like a game. I requested a refund for the days it was deactivated: 12/3 - 12/28.


So, I spent a total of 2 hours and 13 minutes of call time today with Sprint Support. I’ll go lay day down, and prepare for my future battles. To be continued, on 1/22?

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