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Unlocking old iPhone 4s


Re: Unlocking old iPhone 4s

For everyone's info, see highlighted part below for the relevant part for Apple phones from Sprint's posted unlock policy FAQs . That is the bad news for iPhone users on Sprint...

The good news is: Your phone does not have to be unlocked to go over to [inappropriate link removed] Ting resells Sprint's system to you and thus you can still use your previous Sprint phone on them. Their rates are quite good, and you can do an estimate of savings based on your last 2 bills from Sprint on their site in about 2 minutes.

I've been told by another carrier that Sprint needs to unlock my SIM slot in order to use my phone on the other carrier's network.

For eligible devices, Sprint will unlock the SIM slot, to the extent that a device SIM slot is capable of being unlocked. It is important to note that not all devices are capable of being unlocked, often because of the manufacturers' device designs, and that even for those devices capable of being unlocked, not all device functionality may be capable of being unlocked. Specifically, devices manufactured with a SIM slot within the past three years (including, but not limited to, all Apple iPhone devices), cannot be unlocked to accept a different domestic carrier's SIM for use on another domestic carrier's network. Sprint has no technological process available to do this. In accordance with Sprint's voluntary commitment contained within CTIA's Consumer Code for Wireless Service ("Unlocking Commitment"), Sprint is working to ensure that all devices developed and launched on or after February 11, 2015, are capable of being unlocked domestically.

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Re: Unlocking old iPhone 4s

Sprint does not care for anyone's business. They refuse to unlock the Iphones even after the contract. I had my 4s for 3 years and suffered sprint's horribly slow  service  and unlimited data which you cannot use due to the bad speeds. 

I was so happy when I traded in my WORTHLESS  SPRINT LOCKED phone and got 200$ for it  at other carriers. All the other carriers are giving 200$ for your old worthless sprint Iphone 4s and even more for later models.

Please switch and be happy and have LTE speeds instead of sprint's lousy network and ignorant reps.


Re: Unlocking old iPhone 4s


Sprint is on the same page as every other carrier in the US when it comes to unlocking devices. At this time we only unlock devices for international use. I suggest looking at the policy and making sure you qualify for a device unlock just to save some frustration There are always exceptions so it never hurt to contact to Sprint International department to see if something can be done. As far as the FCC, Sprint along all other US carriers have agreed to unlock devices for domestic usage at some point in the near future, but none of us have started unlocking devices for domestic usage at this time. For more information you can visit Keep us posted we are here to help.

- Clyde
Sprint Social Care

Re: Unlocking old iPhone 4s

There is a way out of the unlock problems at a  better price too. We got tired of talking to their service people and getting the same run around that is detailed in the last 15 posts above. BOTTOM LINE: Sprint will not unlock any phones form the past, only going forward in 2015.

So I took an iPad 4, an iPhone 4S and an iPhone 5S  to  Ting - mobile that makes sense , a Sprint reseller recently. We have cut our bill from $150/month to around $50. Still on Sprint circuits, but unless we go nuts with data or international calls, we should save a bundle each month. You can tether devices on them too. I believe any iPhone up to a 5s can be transferred.

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