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Upgrade disappointment


Upgrade disappointment

I have had my account with Sprint for over 19 years and as much as each representative that I have spoken to at Sprint tells me that Sprint appreciates me being a valued customer for that long the company does not display it in any way. I have spent over an hour on the phone on separate incidents to upgrade my IPhone 8 Plus 256 gig and still have not been able to complete my upgrade. Firstly, I think it’s absurd that I would be peddled to downgrade from my 256 gig IPhone to a 96 gig IPhone which every representative has tried to almost forcibly gear me towards and to be told that I would have to pay $150 to have the same amount of gig memory that I currently have for the IPhone XS Max. I could understand if I wanted to upgrade to the 512 gig which I originally wanted but changed my mind when I considered the price that Sprint is asking for the phone itself, which is the price of a MacBook on top of the upgrade memory price  which is even more it just didn’t make sense. I also received four different answers from each representative as to why the memory upgrade fee was necessary. I resolved that I would not only never receive a definitive answer nor a resolution based off of my dealing with Sprint representatives and seemingly non existent supervisors / managers to speak with if they’re not too busy on the other line with I’m guessing customers that they appreciate more than me. So I attempted again today only to get to the point to verify my account to confirm the upgrade only for the system to not allow me to go forward. I have a short window to perform this task otherwise I’m at risk of having to repeat the process all over again for the third time. I think that it speaks volumes on how much Sprint really appreciates their customers when they have removed every way for customers to contact someone with an issue. Sprint has removed every phone number, email and address to give their customers a voice. The Sprint community is not user friendly and I had to do a Google search to figure out how to post on Sprint community. Incredible! I don’t know about other customers but I most certainly do not feel appreciated as a valued customer at all!! I will continue with my attempt to upgrade once more but my time as a Sprint customer looks like it may be coming to an end based off of this situation. 

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