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Using Social Media to contact Sprint


Using Social Media to contact Sprint

It has been amazing reading all the  post  in the past  week connected to the  Iphone. Some where lucky to have  upgrades to get them others not as lucky. I have come to  the understanding that nothing is ever so perfect regardless of what it is.I understand the  demand for the Iphone  with myself  being an apple user on laptops  since  2003.  Many have  voiced strong words of anger  in regards to not being  able to get the Iphone for the various reasons. Yet there are just as many remarks against people that are  choosing to  voice there anger and  frustration against  Sprint or  Apple. Instead of  showing  anger and  frustration which can be shown in a  timely and effective manner without finger pointed and name calling IE  On-line petions  etc..  facebook pages ..  not a war of words  with a  forum.


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Sprint S.M.A.R.T Agents
Sprint S.M.A.R.T Agent are here to help Monday through Sunday 6:00 AM CT - 6:00 PM CT. If you need to speak to an agent outside of these hours, please visit Sprint Chat