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Why is it so har for a disable man to get his refund of 71.56


Why is it so har for a disable man to get his refund of 71.56

He went to a Sprint retailer they charged him 71.56 for two iphones and a insurance policy befor they would let him walk out of the store. They told him it was Sprints policy to do so. They also told him that for two IPhones X that his bill would be 104.00 for both. He droped the phone and cracked the nack. When he called to get phone fixed there was no such policy. Apple fixed phone for free. The phones wete returned before the 14 day peiord was up at which time a supervisor told him that his money would be back on his card in 24hrs. Tis all started in September. He has call repeatedly asking for his money and gets a different answer every time. Asked for the corporate phone number was told that there was none. This made lives on a fixed incom and cannot afford to lose 71.56 he has also contacted news 6 to ask them for help. This did not have to go this far all he wants is his money back. Why not just give back the money? Are they that hard up for cash


Good morning. I understand why he would be frustrated with this situation. I'd like to look into this and see what's gong on. I'm going to send you a PM now.


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