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can't receive calls on iphone 5


can't receive calls on iphone 5

Anyone else having trouble receiving calls with their iphone 5?? Only when we are home or in our neighborhood we cannot receive calls and the wireless internet is extremely slow. We can do all other functions, make calls, send and receive text messages, voicemail. Our iphone 4S doesn't have any of these problems. When we use it on the road or at work, no problems. We have tried several soft resets, hard resets, updated with the ##873283#, updated to iOS 6.1.

Had the phone tested at the apple store-said there are no hardware problems, called sprint cust. service and spoke to several agents about problem for about 4 hours, went to sprint store they couldn't fix the problem either. They gave us an airave device that is like an amplifier, then the phone can receive calls, but what about if we are down the road in our neighborhood or happen to be in another area and it don't work. We can't bring this device with us, because it has to hook to our router. So then what??

Sprint says its been more than 14 days so they won't exchange the phone, apple can't find a problem, so we are stuck in the middle and no one will take responsibility for either a bad product or bad software etc. So we paid for a new phone, and monthly service that only partially working. What kind of service is that??

Just switched to Sprint a month ago.


I am having problem recieveing incoming calls on my Iphone5 I purchased 4 weeks ago and exchanged to another new one 2 weeks ago.

1st one, person on the other line could not here me well, 2nd new one, now, I cannot receive calls since yesterday??

my phone incoming calls doesn't ring at all, but whoever decided to leave voice message, i get it.

when i made my roommates call me, it rings on their phone but my phone doesn't ring at all nor have any evidence of miss calls.

Sprint is closed after "business hours" (why aren't they 24 hour customer service it's a huge company with many many customers using the service 24/7??) I am not sure if this is only happening at my place? or also when I am at work...

I have checked my setting (nothing has been changed since 2 weeks ago), tested volume(all the way up), ringtons, make sure button is not locked to silence, turned on the airplane mode on and off and also updated ios 6.1.3 to see if that makes any difference, and turned off and on twice to see if i can recieve incoming calls...

now out going calls take a long time to connect or fails...

my area is Hermosa Ave in between Colorado Blvd & Las Flores Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90041 (in eagle rock area)


now my 14 day exchange date has expired... did I get 2 lemon phones in a row??

I also missed international incoming calls from Korea.

another problem...

1st time attempt to use international text message to contact them and I am just getting error without going through. (yes i checked the sprint site if i was dialing correctly starting with 011, contury code and exclude 0 if calling to cell phone...)

do i have to unlock or something to text international??

I was freely able to text international 2 years ago...

so much restrictions...

help please...

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