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iPhone 4 8GB (not 4S) - Pops and clicks during voice calls, slow data connectivity


iPhone 4 8GB (not 4S) - Pops and clicks during voice calls, slow data connectivity

For about the past six months, I've been experiencing issues with Sprint's network in my service area. I live in 77346 and work in 77002. In both areas I've had spotty 3G coverage (it usually defaults to the 1xRTT "O"), or I've had issues connecting to the internet even though my indicator says I have a full five-bar 3G connection. MMS text messages rarely send the first time. Sometimes I have to keep re-sending for hours before they'll go through. I've also had people complain that they didn't receive regular text messages I sent until hours later or not at all.

Also, every time I receive a voice call I hear intermittent pops and clicks on the line. This was an issue when I had an Epic 4G and Epic 4G Touch on Sprint's network in this same service area as well. I complained to my local Sprint rep and she said it was a "known network issue in the area" but wouldn't give me an estimate when it might be fixed. I gave it a few months to see if Sprint would address it. Now, six months later, the issue persists. What can be done about these problems?


Re: iPhone 4 8GB (not 4S) - Pops and clicks during voice calls, slow data connectivity

I recently spoke with a Customer Service rep who advised me that he saw no network issues on the books for my coverage area, and suggested I take the phone to an Apple store for diagnostics. I took the phone to Apple last night and the tech found nothing wrong with it, but offered me a free replacement anyway. I have now experienced the same slow network and line noise on voice calls as the first phone, which pretty definitively proves to me that the issue is not a hardware one.

I moved this discussion from the "Network and Coverage" forum because I have received no replies from anyone in a week. Is this how Sprint handles customers? At this point I'm just riding out my contract until I have enough money to go somewhere else.


Re: iPhone 4 8GB (not 4S) - Pops and clicks during voice calls, slow data connectivity

Hello and Thank you for reporting this issue.  I pulled your zip codes in our Network Board and there were some issues with a couple of towers for these locations but those have since been closed.  I checked with our Engineering tickets and found that both of these locations have been identified for capacity augments and are awaiting those upgrades. 

77346  Capacity upgrade for end of July.

77002  Capacity upgrade June.  3-4 miles south, network vision enabled tower.

Since we don't have anything official for these two locations as a "posted" network event, we can create a ticket.  You can private message me by clicking on my avatar.  I will reply with a template to gather all required information. 



Re: iPhone 4 8GB (not 4S) - Pops and clicks during voice calls, slow data connectivity

I got a call from a tech yesterday about these two tickets, and she opened a third for the pop/click issue. I was told basically the same thing about the network - that the towers near my work and home are due for upgrades, one of them fairly major (ETC December 2012).

They've placed a "call trap" on my line to see if they can capture and address the pop/click issue. The tech said this is unrelated to my network connection problem, and that it can likely be fixed much more quickly.

Between these problems and the handset nightmares I had when I first signed up for Sprint (see these articles if you're interested), I'm not likely to renew at the end of my contract. I may not make it that long, and I hope I have a sufficiently well-documented case for getting the ETF waived.

I'll give Sprint another couple of months because I just can't afford to switch right now, but the prognosis is not looking good. I want to thank tomdeaver and the techs I've spoken to regarding these problems (Anthony, Victoria, and Michelle). It's not your fault these issues are happening, I just wish there was a more direct way for you to be able to fix them.

I'll post and update if/when my sound quality and connectivity issues are addressed.


Re: iPhone 4 8GB (not 4S) - Pops and clicks during voice calls, slow data connectivity

I've gone back and forth with Sprint CS over the past two weeks. I currently have 3 open tickets, according to the last CSR I spoke with. One for each location that I reported slow data speeds and connectivity issues (work and home) and one for the pop/click line noise.

Yesterday morning (May 7th, 8:30am CST) I received a call asking if the issue with the line noise had been fixed. During the call I heard the same pops and clicks, so I told them emphatically, "No." They said they'd send out a tech to my tower again, as they had already been there and said they found nothing wrong. I believe the exact phrase was, "Everything working as designed." If that's true, it was designed poorly.

Yesterday evening (May 7th, 6:00pm CST) I got another call saying the techs once again could find nothing wrong with the tower. The issue still exists. I was told a third tech would be dispatched to my area, but I don't have much hope of a satisfactory resolution at this point.

I've called AT&T and they're mailing me a phone in the next few days. As soon as it's active I plan to cancel my Sprint service and argue the point about the ETF. I don't like the pricing structure or the CEO at AT&T, but they offer the most reliable service in my area. Looks like I'm back to the devil I know. Admins, if you want to close out this thread or whatever, I don't plan on adding to it any more.

Interesting aside - I went on a road trip this past weekend and found that my data connectivity and speeds were greatly improved when I left the Houston metro area.  This leads me to believe (in my non-professional opinion) that the majority of the problems I'm having deal with overloaded cell towers where I live and work. For the sake of your future customers, Sprint, build out more capacity in Houston, Texas. You've just lost one customer because of it.


Re: iPhone 4 8GB (not 4S) - Pops and clicks during voice calls, slow data connectivity


I do apologize for the problems you are experiencing and we would hate to see you leave. tomdeaver did mention that there are capacity upgrades currently in progress for the Houston area as we upgrade to our Network Vision. Here is a link where you can track progress: I  personally know how congested the Downtown Houston area and Houston in general can be as I lived there for 7 years. That's why it is one of the first cities selected to go online with Network Vision. Capacity realted issues are unfortunately a downside as towers are being taken down and rebuilt or upgraded. The plan buildouts are scheduled for completion around June (ETR).


Journeyman ken

Re: iPhone 4 8GB (not 4S) - Pops and clicks during voice calls, slow data connectivity

That sucks

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