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iPhone 6 lte doesn’t work, reverts to 3G


iPhone 6 lte doesn’t work, reverts to 3G

My phone was working 100% up until 4 days ago the LTE was working, I have not done anything different with my phone recently until today I updated the newest software update figuring maybe that was the problem and that’s what my local store told me to do well it worked up until I got home. I’ve noticed that the lte works when I’m in a different location other than home so it makes me believe service around the part of town I live in doesn’t work. I would go back to my local sprint store but every time I go in there they never believe anything I say and think I’m an idiot. Hoping someone replies with some good advice because like many people I can’t afford right now to get a new phone so I’m hoping it’s a easy fix because I’m dropping calls, apps won’t load.

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Re: iPhone 6 lte doesn’t work, reverts to 3G

Morning. I hear you, I live in the sticks and getting signal is a struggle. I understand that you use to have good signal and now it's gone kaput. I'll be happy to look at the coverage and towers in this area. May I have a couple cross streets and the zip code of the area were you're having trouble?


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