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iPhone 7+ still not unlocked


iPhone 7+ still not unlocked

I intitially called Friday 12/21 to have my phone unlocked after switching my service over to Verizon, which might of been partially dumb on my part. But I assumed after I paid my phone off that it would be automatically unlocked since I bought the phone and was well passed my 2 year contract obligation. I then called back Sunday 12/23 to check on the status just to be told that an unlock request had not actually been submitted and that one was submitted that day & i was given a ticket number (i1710138230). I was told it would take 1-2 business days and it’s now going on 4, 12/27, & my phone is still not unlocked. I was w/ sprint for 6 years and terrible customer service like this & phone service was the reason i decided to leave. I haven’t been able to call or text for SIX DAYS because of sprint & this is the only phone line for work & personal reasons i have so God forbid something happens to me & i need to make a call for assistance. I just want help on getting my phone unlocked please. 


I'm sorry to hear that you had to leave us. I can help you with the unlock. I'm going to send you a private message to get the phone and account information. 





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