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iPhone XS LTE Issue


iPhone XS LTE Issue

I just got my iPhone XS in September, I gave it until the first update to complain, but I went from a 7+ to the XS and I get HALF of the LTE service that I used to. I was able to do anything on my phone in my office before, and now I cannot send an iMessage. I also have trouble in the middle of the city. I live near Lexington, KY and cannot use my phone unless I am on WiFi. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I have never been extremely content with the reception I have gotten with Sprint, but this takes it to a whole new level and I do not understand. 


Thanks for any help!


Good afternoon. Is anyone else on your account having the same issues? Have you done any troubleshooting steps to try and resolve this?


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Thank you, I think I got the issue resolved. After doing a few network updates it is finally doing a little better. Thanks!


Happy to hear it's resolved!

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Can you share what updates and settings changes you made?  I'm loving the phone itself, HATING the service downgrade.  Absolutely considering switching back to Verizon.


Hi svickrey1. There are a few things you can try to do some refreshes on your device. The first thing I would suggest is doing a fresh reboot of your device by quickly pressing Volume Up, Volume Down, then holding the Side button until the Apple logo appears back on the screen.


After the phone restarts, try the following if you are still having issues:


  1. Tap Phone icon.
  2. Tap Key Pad if necessary.
  3. Enter ##873283# then tap Call icon.
  4. When Starting Service Update appears, tap OK.
  5. When Service Update Complete appears, tap OK.
    • The Radio will reset.
    • When Sprint displays in the top left corner, the iPhone update has completed


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