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iPhone and Steve Jobs.....


iPhone and Steve Jobs.....

It's a real drag that Steve Jobs passed on. I don't care for Apple products but I do have to say that he is, by far, the most visionary of that last 2-3 decades....I do not use Apple products but the Job's design talent, marketing skills and ability to connect to the "customers" is a long lost trait.Most companies have a Manager of marketing, manager of sales, etc. Jobs did it all with devotion to his products. I hope his legacy is honesty, pure customer service and a product design that gives everyone a moment of wonder. Tough position for the new CEO....Unfortunately, Steve Jobs was the force, popularity and quality control leader in all Apple products. I am not being negative, but I don't think anyone on-board at Apple has the talent to fill those shoes..After a 3-5 year drop in sales, I think Apple will re-educate their followers on their products.  Good luck!!!!!


iPhone and Steve Jobs.....

I agree. The New CEO has big shoes to fill, but he also has to make a name for himself or he will never step out of jobs shoes. IMO Iphone 4S is just a small( and I mean very small stepping stone) I think next year will be the true test of what he can help Apple put together.

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