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iPhone question for current Sprint customers.

Journeyman PB5

iPhone question for current Sprint customers.

Will Sprint allow those of us who signed 2 year contracts this summer to upgrade to the iPhone? I have been a customer for 10 years and I just signed another 2 year agreement in May 2011 with the LG Optimus phone.  Since the iPhone was not announced until September, would Sprint allow the upgrade price of $99 for the iphone 4 if I signed another 2 year contract. The LG Optimus is a HORRIBLE PHONE and it has become so slow that it is difficult to use. Not to mention the poor battery life. I had no idea that Sprint would be getting the iPhone or I would have waited until October to start a new contract.

Sprint Product Ambassador

iPhone question for current Sprint customers.

Sure- however, you will not be eligible for any rebates or incentives on the price.  You will have to pay full retail for the device.

You can trade the Optimus in for credit to offset some of the cost of the iPhone.

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

iPhone question for current Sprint customers.

All cell phone companies subsidize phones with contracts; thus, the first several months of your bill actually go towards paying for a phone.  Sprint and the other cell phone companies would lose gobs of money if they did it any other way. 

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