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ipad to current plan?


ipad to current plan?

I'm currently on a Everything Data 1500 Sprint Family Plan. Could I purchase an iPad (Sprint) from BestBuy or wherever else available and add the 1GB/mo ($15/mo) to this plan?

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Re: ipad to current plan?


Thank you for reaching out to us via our forums.

Would you be purchasing the device using Easy Pay, paying full price up front or with a 2 year upgrade? How many lines are you approved for and how many are currently active on your account?

Jon H.

Sprint Social Care Team

Re: ipad to current plan?

What you are talking about, I'm thinking about purchasing an iPad 2 Mini (Sprint) and I want to maybe add THIS IPAD to my current ED1500 plan at the online advertised rate of 1GB at $15/mo, CAN I or CANT I do this? I will be purchasing the device IN FULL.

How many phones I have on this plan or that other stuff about EasyPay is completely irrelevant.


Re: ipad to current plan?


I'll be happy to look into your account in more detail and see if this plan will be available for you. Please Pm us using this link!input.jspa?to=5191314 for further assistances. Please include your name, number, and security info.

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