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text delayed more than two hours.


text delayed more than two hours.

im having trouble receiving text, some times its delayed more than two hours. called sprint, the rep said theres no problem

in the area. wondering if someone else is having the same issue as me in the nothern va area.thanks


Re: text delayed more than two hours.

Good morning i3hungry,

Oh no. That's no fun having your texts delayed like that. I would like to look into this further with you. Can you provide me with your zip code and cross streets? I know you said they looked at your area but I want to see what your towers are looking like. We'll start there and go from there. Also, what device do you have?

Looking forward to working with you,


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Re: text delayed more than two hours.

im in 20120 area code. Belcher Fardm Drive centreville,va thank you for looking in to it.

Community Manager

Re: text delayed more than two hours.

Sorry for the delayed repsonse, i3hungry, are you still having the issue?  It looks like we were doing some work to the towers (part of our Network Vision project) and those updates just went online about the time you noticed a problem.  If you're still, affected, have you tried updated the PRL?  We can post directions if you need them.



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