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text logs


text logs

Are the text logs accurate? I've looked at my texts and found that some numbers are missing from certain days, as if I never texted that person.


Also, if I erase my texts, will they still show up in the text log under "my bill"?


Re: text logs

KPhelps34, yes, the text messages log is accurate however, you can only get your billed text message usage details for the last 90 days and we may not be able to retrieve the text detail for all roaming phone numbers.


Regarding deleting the text messages from the phone, this will not delete the details from the text log on your


If you have any other questions, please let us know and have a great day!

Sprint Social Care Team.

Re: text logs

The text logs have been inaccurate since the middle of November 2016.  Since that time, larger texts that get split into more then 6 texts do not appear in the log.  They also do not appear to be counted on your bill, in Sprint Zone, or any other detailed usage area that I have seen.  I created the following post:



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