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voicemail to email


voicemail to email

Is there a way to get my iphone 4S to send me an email when I get a voicemail?  It worked with my HTC One, but I can't find a way to do it with my iphone


Re: voicemail to email

yes there is a way to do it. It's not an Apple feature. It is done through Sprint. It will change the way your voicemail works however.

Turn on the Sprint exclusive Google Voice integration at (option 1).

Google voice will give you a lot of controls, including emailing you about voicemail.

You'll record your greeting at the google voice website. On your iPhone you'll download the Google Voice app. That app is now how you will see/listen/read voicemail and free voicemail transcriptions -- you still get visual voicemail.

Pic of google voice settings:

email voicemails.PNG


Re: voicemail to email


Our apologies for the delayed response.

I see sprint9149 provided you with great information! Did you find this helpful? If assistance is still needed just let us know, we're here to assist.


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