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50 day phone unlock requirement request


50 day phone unlock requirement request

Hi there,


I am in the process of moving a current line to Verizon. I need an unlocked phone to bring to bring over with me. The phone I currently have is a preowned iPhone X that I have had for about a month. In the process of trying pay it off I was told there is a 50 day requirement for it to be on the line. Is there anyone who can make an exception for me on that rule? I am willing to pay off the total cost of the device, I just need a phone that is unlocked I can bring over. Thank you

Sprint Social Care

Re: 50 day phone unlock requirement request

Hi! It's sad that you're switching to another carrier and if there's something we can help with to prevent this, let us know. Once the device does not meet the requirements in our Policy, we will not be able to unlock. Check it out here; . Send me the IMEI/MEID in a private message. 

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