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Any way to get Sprint to unlock iphone 8+ first activated on Sprint MVNO (Ting)?

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Any way to get Sprint to unlock iphone 8+ first activated on Sprint MVNO (Ting)?

I purchased outright an "unlocked" universal iphone from Best Buy in 2018.  Turns out it was only unlocked until activated and then locked to that carrier under "reseller flex policy."  I activated it on (Sprint MVNO).  About 20 months later, I tried to move it to Verizon, but it's locked.  Sprint says MVNO has to unlock it, but the MVNO says they don't have any way to lock or unlock phones.  I offered to send a copy of the receipt to Sprint, and the MVNO tech rep even conferenced with me and Sprint, but Sprint said they won't do it.  


Any suggestions?




One other item to note is the Sprint rep looked up the IMEI and said the financial eligibility field said "Not available" and even if they could unlock it per policy, they wouldn't for that reason even though I could provide a receipt and Ting was willing to vouch that I had activated through them and has service for 20 months.  FWIW, I ran an IMEI check on a third party site, and it came back "Blacklist Status: CLEAN" and "Device FED Met: YES," so not sure why Sprint's financial field says "Not Available."


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Send it via  PM and I'll double check it for you. 

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Sprint Social Care

Only way to have the device unlocked is if the previous owner reaches out to us. We need to research the account it was last associated with to ensure all the requirements are met before having it unlocked. Visit here to review Sprint's unlocking policy.


But I am the only owner.  FWIW, I have the purchase receipt as well as the Apple Care policy for the phone.  Would that help?




Unfortunately, nope. We need the person who owned it before you purchased it from Best Buy. We need to review the account info it was associated with. 


I'm sorry, but I don't understand.  It was purchased new, so there isn't a previous owner. 


I ordered an IMEI check from a third party, and it shows an activation date the same as the purchase date of my receipt.


If Sprint_FeliciaS or another Sprint rep could reply, I'd greatly appreciate it.


I am the original purchaser of the phone, and I have a receipt which matches the original activation date.  I paid full price, so there's no financial obligations on the phone.  I activated it on Sprint MVNO about two years ago, and it's currently with Sprint directly.


Is anyone able to help with unlocking, or am I missing something obvious?



Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?


Hey. The only thing we can do, is check the IMEI/MEID to confirm. Can you send me the number in a private message. However, if the device is attached to a Sprint account, we would still not be able to help unless we speak to the account owner. Please review our Policy here;


Thanks for replying!


I PM'd the IMEI.  I was going to attach the purchase receipt but couldn't figure out how to attach to PM.  Let me know if the proof of purchase (new, not used) will help.


Thanks for taking a look.


Good morning! Thank you for reaching out to us. There isn't any private message on my end, do you mind sending us another private message, providing us with your IMEI number? 



I PM'd Ayana. She's looking into it. Thanks.

OK.  Haven't heard back in over a day, so if Ayana or another Sprint reps want to jump in, fine by me.


Here's where we are now:

  • I purchased a NEW iphone 8+ (no financing, purchased outright from Best Buy) in 2018 and activated on Ting MVNO using Sprint's network and used it there for about 20 months.
  • Tried to move to Verizon a few weeks ago, but it's locked to Sprint.
  • Trying to figure out why it's locked to Sprint since I am the only owner, purchased it outright (no contract or financing) and have Best Buy and Apple Care receipts to prove it.
  • I signed up with Spring last week, so it's currently active on Sprint network directly (not through MVNO).

Can anyone help with unlocking this phone?

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