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Customer assistance


Customer assistance

I am so frustrated! When my fiancé and I switched to Sprint we just brought over our old devices and because of this we no longer get any kind of deal to upgrade our phones. I’ve been on the phone with Sprint for several hours in the past 3-4 days. I was told by customer retention that the best they could do was accept an offer on my account for $200 off of a new iPhone. When I went to try and use this discount I found out that it is only available on one line, even though the customer retention employee I spoke with said she had found the offer and applied it to both lines. So I tried to call back today to find out why it wasn’t available on my line and now according to the new individual I spoke with, I cannot get that offer on my line. But she will put a note on my account so the “backend” will call me within the next week to see if they can help me. Okay, I was originally told by the very first customer service rep that I talked to that the “backend” would make sure to add the BOGO free deal to my account, which never happened. I got transferred to customer retention and the best they could find was the offer for $200 off, and now that offer isn’t even available for the phone we need to replace?!? So I’ve spent ten hours on the phone or in chat with customer service reps for no apparent reason? What a waste of my time! If nothing that is promised by an employee is ever actually followed through with, what is the point? I need the new phone sooner rather than later! I was hoping to pick it up tomorrow...but because I was offered things and then not given them I have to wait for the “backend” to contact me which might take up to a week and who knows if they will really be able to help me?!?  I am not sure how Sprint can keep customers if all they do is give them a run around and make promises they don’t keep. I’m SO frustrated!!!

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Re: Customer assistance

Wow. It sounds like you've been down a rough road. I'll be more than happy to look into this for and see what can be done. I sent you a PM so I can gather a smidge of info. 


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