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Get help for Apple Watch Series 3 Enablement Error

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Get help for Apple Watch Series 3 Enablement Error

If you are encountering an Enablement Error message when attempting to activate your Apple Watch Series 3, please take a look at these troubleshooting steps. 

  • Disable Google Voice for your Sprint phone.
    • Unfortunately, Google Voice is not compatible with the Apple Watch
  • Disable Selective Call Blocking in the Preferences tab of you account
  • Remove Unlimited International Data Roaming ($4/mo) add-on from your Sprint phone number.
    • Apple Watch does not support LTE data roaming or International Roaming

If you have checked each of these areas and are still experiencing the error, please post here and an agent will help you.


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The blank screen situation.  Yeah, we have found when an address is put in for E911 Address validation if an address has alternate addresses a white screen is being displayed instead of the alternate addresses.  A fix was deployed overnight on February 23rd during the Monthly release schedule.  It should work now.


@AScreenName wrote:

I'm having this apple watch activation issues.


I contact sprint support by phone but, they were only able to add the plan to my account--I'm still unable to get my watch activated through my phone.


The problem I'm having is as follows:


Apple Watch App > Cellular > Set Up Cellular > Pair Device > 9-1-1 Registered Location


Under this section when I hit next, I get taken to a blank screen with the Sprint header and a cancel button. I'm wondering if there's something setup on my account that's preventing me from getting further? I had previously had my watch paired with my phone using cellular just fine.


Removing the cell plan and now, trying to add it back has proven to be quite the challenge.


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