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Group Texts not working


Group Texts not working

I have an iPhone 7 that I switched over to Sprint earlier this year. Until recently, I never noticed an issue with sending group texts. While iMessage groups work perfectly fine, whenever I try to send a text in a regular group, it consistently fails. I can send messages to each individual person fine, but not in the group. I still receive the messages, but I just can't send them.


I believe there's a connected issue in that I can't send images to non-iPhones as well, even to individuals.


I've tried restarting my phone, as well as resetting carrier settings, and nothing seems to work. Any help would be appreciated.


Re: Group Texts not working

Howdy Dturc79. I've heard this happening to a few people. So far everyone had an unlock iphone, and is now using it on the Sprint network. With unlocked phones, there is always the possibility that some features may not function correctly. This is true whenever using any unlocked phone on a different carrier. 


But a fix I've found is: 

Step 1: Tap Settings > Scroll down and tap Messages > Scroll down to SMS/ MMS and disable the feature.

Step 2: Go back to Settings > Tap on General > Scroll down and tap Reset > Select Reset Network Settings > Enter your pass-code > Tap Restart Network Settings

Step 3: Tap Settings > Scroll down and tap Messages > Scroll down to SMS/ MMS and enable the feature.






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