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Has not unlocked my 2 iPhone 8 devices multiple attempts


Has not unlocked my 2 iPhone 8 devices multiple attempts

I have paid off 2 of my devices and paid my final bill. I was told multiple times that my phones would be unlocked yet I still get “SIM card not supported” message. Called apple support and they told me that Sprint did not unlock my phone. I have several interaction numbers from multiple customer service representatives and supervisors saying they would unlock my phone. 1 week down and still cannot unlock my devices I paid in full for!  They keep lying saying they will unlock it and never do! Then when I demand a refund of the two phones so I can return the useless devices. They refused to refund me and said the price was “part of my lease” which it wasn’t! It was the end purchase price of my phone so I could own it! I have several interaction numbers to report: Caleb i1848858763 Richard i1848901690 Tershaina i1849387250 Michelle (supervisor!) i1849436336 and I spoke with multiple others after that I gave up on taking down interaction numbers because I spoke with so many individuals. I need this fixed! I want my devices I paid for fully unlocked or my money refunded in full or I will contact FCC and BBB  


Re: Has not unlocked my 2 iPhone 8 devices multiple attempts

Hi there. I'd be glad to take a look and see what is going on. I'll need to get some more info so that I can look over your account. I'll be sending you a private message to gather up the necessary info. 


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