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How to swap phones on account


How to swap phones on account

Hi I added a line last week to my account I’ll be getting the phone in tomorrow. I had 2 questions I need help with.

1. I wanna swap the numbers on my account. I’m giving my mom my iPhone 7 and I’m taking the XR but I need my phone number to be on the new phone and the other number to be on the 7.

2. There’s a new number assigned to the phone coming in I would like to port in her number to the new SIM card/phone she’ll be taking over in place of the “new number”


If someone can help me out cause I have no idea where to start that would be great thank you!

Sprint Social Care

Re: How to swap phones on account

Daniellecola12 - Hello Danielle! It seems what you need is a swap. You can do that by login in MySprint account online: Activate -> Activate Now -> Enter the IMEI or select which phone to Swap -> Begin Activation. Wait at least 5 minutes for the process to get completed and then test the services to see if they are working right.

If you need our help with this we could also help you, but you would need to get the phone at hand first. 

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