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Iphone XR Stopped Working


Iphone XR Stopped Working

Purchased the phone new from sprint about 8 months ago. Yesterday while I was using it the phone random just went black. It had about 75 % battery when it did this and I have tried: letting it sit, charging it again, doing a standard power on/off and doing a hard power on/off(while not charging, changing in wall, charging in PC). Its been 24 hours and have had absolutely no reaction from the phone. I assume is under some sort of warranty still based on how new it is I'm just not sure if I should take it to sprint or apple to have this worked with. Also is there away of finding the imei for this phone perhaps through the sprint account. The phone is on an 18 month plan from sprint so I was not sure if they recorded imeis when they originally set up the phone.  Any input is appreciated. 


Re: Iphone XR Stopped Working

Hi Steven. I'm sorry to hear about your XR. Have you tried plugging the phone into a computer and trying to enter DFU/recovery mode? There steps outlined and video in the link provided. Let us know if that helps anything.


Apple usually has a 1-year warranty for their devices if you don't have Sprint Complete, but let's try the recovery mode steps outlined in the following link and see if that restores anything for you.


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