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Need Help with Device Not Eligible Issue


Need Help with Device Not Eligible Issue



I have a 2017 iPhone SE 32 GB unlocked out-of-the-box device in which I would like to put my sim in. However, when I go to BYOD and add a device, it says the IMEI is not eligible. I went to one of the stores and they did the same thing and didn't raise a ticket to add my IMEI to sprint database in order to make it eligible. 


Request help from Social Care Team to add my IMEI to sprint database. Please message me and I can provide the IMEI details.



Sprint Social Care

Re: Need Help with Device Not Eligible Issue

Hi thebondoo7 ! Please keep in mind that an unlocked device does not necessarily work or is interoperable with another carrier's network.

You can verify this information through .

Also, I have replied to your Private Message, please check your inbox. 

Sprint Social Care
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