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Phone deals for existing customers?


Re: Phone deals for existing customers?

I wholeheartedly agree with this conversation. Sprint falls extremely short when it comes to rewarding customer loyalty. Offering to add a line is not a deal for families that do not need an additional line. I have not had any sort of decent upgrade offer since my Galaxy S3. I paid full lease price for my S5 which network pushed OS upgrades retired the phone as it was no longer powerful enough to operate reasonably. Sprint throws new phones at anyone who adds a line or comes to Sprint and the excuse that the free phone helps mitigate the costs of switching is a laughable old excuse. It has not cost more than a approximate 35$ activation fee to go to any carrier for years now as all carriers have dropped the 2yr contract model a long time ago. Heck, even the 45$ monthly and 0$ for the phone for the new line is cheaper than any of the upgrade lease offers for any comparable model phones. I have heard and know some customers who have been given a new line deal if they argue enough but I am not that aggressive apparently. I have made several calls and several chats about the subject to no avail. If Sprint can eat the cost of a $1300 phone to get a 45$ a month customer, they could offer loyal customers some sort of lease deal other than full price plus. Shame on Sprint.

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