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Please help me unlock my 6S


Please help me unlock my 6S

This 6S mobile phone is now in use by my grandfather.

Because he is in the nursing home, does not use the mobile card, has been connected to the WiFi network of the nursing home, uses the line connection.

Recently, the house of the nursing home is being renovated and moved into another room. Wifi signal is very bad.

Whether it's online voice calls or video calls, the Internet is too laggy.

So I bought a SIM card for him to use, but it couldn't activate.

I inquired that the operator of 6S was sprint, so I contacted customer service.

"Chesca L.: Aside from the IMEI phone number and account pin is needed by our system to check if the phone is eligible for unlocking."

6S was bought for Grandpa in Japan's second-hand market two years ago. I don't have a sprint phone number and account password.

I only have mobile phone IMEI [edited for privacy]

And serial number [editd for privacy]

If anyone can help, please contact me. My grandfather and I are very grateful.

Thank you very much.




Re: Please help me unlock my 6S

I'm happy to review the phone's eligibility for unlock. I'm going to send you a private message to get the information from the phone again. 





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