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Restricted Access even though I’m the OWNER


Restricted Access even though I’m the OWNER

Hello I hope someone here can help me. I’ve spoken with Sprint over many many hours. Apparently there  is someone else that owns my account? When I try to make changes it says the account owner has restricted access to this account. To have access call yada yada yada - and I have called them more than a dozen times. I keep getting the runaround. I’m exhausted trying to access certain permissions that are blocked. My caller ID will change randomly between my name and then it will be a no caller ID number without me doing anything. I also get random text messages from sprint saying that I’ve made changes to my account when I haven’t. I’ve talked to sprint about it and they always have an excuse or reason why its doing that. Or they say they’ve fixed it already. My friends think I’m nuts and paranoid but it’s right there in RED writing that Ive “been restricted by owner” no one is paying this account but me. I’ve  scoured my bill and sprint online to check if there are any other names there but no luck. Please somebody help me! This has been going on now for months. 

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Re: Restricted Access even though I’m the OWNER

Hi Pleasehelpme41. I would strongly urge you to change your PIN/security answers for your Sprint account and your to something more secure. 


Are you the only person on your account or do you have multiple lines/share access with anyone else like a family member or friend? 


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