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Rumors: 2018 Upcoming iPhones

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Rumors: 2018 Upcoming iPhones

rumors260.jpgDon't tell nobody...but...

What's up Community!  It's May and as we creep deeper into summer, one begins to wonder what the future holds for upcoming flagship devices.  So let's discuss the heralded iPhone.


I love a good tech rumor.  In fact, I will marry one if I could.  Folks think it promotes dishonesty and mistrust, but I believe and have personally seen it promote innovation.  Companies see and take note of what you say and do on the internets!  Which brings me to the topic at hand...Upcoming iPhone rumors.


Keep in mind these are rumors.  The following is not an official Apple or Sprint statement, it's just @Em_Will_I_Am  talking about some stuff he saw on the interwebs.  Some of it may be true, some of it may be utter BS.  So let's dive in, shall we?

Capture.PNGiPhone SE2 Rendering by @OnLeaks


Word on the street is Apple might do a repeat and drop 3 iPhones this year. Each phone in different sizes. One of the stronger rumors is the second coming of the iPhone SE, dubbed the SE2.  There are some reports it may be the smaller version of the iPhone X and be called the iPhone X SE.


We were first introduced to the SE back in 2016.  Since then, not much updates with the exception of memory size, but spec wise, the device has remained relatively unchanged.  The rumors regarding this device are that it will get rid of the headphone jack, could get wireless charging, add a better camera and perhaps the A11 Fusion CPU.  The strongest rumor is the elimination of the headphone jack.  Some case makers are quoted as seeing the phone already and it is without the beloved jack.  They go on to say it looks exactly like the original SE.

capture2.PNGRender by iDropNews

 We can expect with the next incarnation of whatever iPhone...stronger, better, faster.  Longer battery life, new colors, better resolution, and new processor with faster speeds. The rumors we hear is it/they can be called the previously mentioned iPhone X SE, iPhone 11, iPhone X2, and/or iPhone X Plus.  I even read somewhere that iPhone XS is being thrown around because it sounds like "excess"

capture3.PNGRender by iDropNews



The rumors being thrown around is Apple is going to up the ante to a whopping 6.5 inch OLED!  I must admit, I am shocked about this because iPhone users usually prefer smaller phones and this adds credence to the iPhone 8 outselling the X.  However that could be the $1000 price tag that makes some buyers gun shy.  Speaking of price tags, some analysts are predicting the flagship iPhone will be $1100.  Rumors of a 6.1 inch LCD version has surfaced as well.  Mid-tier device?  In fact, CNET reports the 6.1 inch LCD iPhone could start at $550!!  That is nearly half the price of the iPhone X.  I don't see it happening, but one can dream.


Borrowing from the Huawei P20, one of the new iPhones is believed to have three rear lenses.  If true, this would kill in low light situations and just overall picture quality.  Some believe Face ID would deploy across the entire lineup and eliminating Touch ID.  For every rumor, there is a counter-rumor.  In the same breath, we hear there may be a fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen.  Personally, I would prefer the latter over the former.  


When will we know what's what?  Well, it depends.  I hear for the SE2 Apple may announce it at its upcoming WWDC event in June and release the device in July.  At the same time, I hear the devices will be announced in September and released in October.  All I can say is stay tuned.


To sum up the rumors:

  • iPhone SE2 or iPhone X SE
  • iPhone SE2 may have better camera and processor
  • iPhone SE2 will not have a headphone jack
  • iPhone SE2 looks exactly like it's predecessor sans headphone jack
  • 3 iPhones will launch this year in different sizes
  • Expect longer battery life, higher screen resolution, and new processor
  • The new device can go by SE2, X SE, X2, 11, or X Plus
  • Three rear camera lenses
  • Sizes include 6.1 inch LCD and 6.5 inch OLED models
  • 6.1 inch model may start at $550
  • Flagship iPhone is expected to cost $1100
  • Face ID on all models
  • Elimination of TouchID
  • Fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen

There you have it, folks.  What are your thoughts? Your comments are welcomed below.




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Re: Rumors: 2018 Upcoming iPhones

If there will be a Fingerprint sensor built into the screen display itself, that would mean Touch ID would still be there, just not as how everybody currently knows it, but just in a different form where instead of a home button/force sensor, it would be the screen.

Community Manager

Re: Rumors: 2018 Upcoming iPhones

Yeah, it depends on which rumor come to light. Some say no fingerprint scanner, while other say integrated in the screen. Personally, I believe it will be the status quo because I'm hearing both Samsung and Apple are having problem implementing the integrated scanner. If the rumors are true, that would be a huge feat to pull off in the coming weeks.

Re: Rumors: 2018 Upcoming iPhones

I say they should make the Apple logo on the back itself the sensor. I think that makes it really nice. 

Community Manager

Re: Rumors: 2018 Upcoming iPhones

I said the same THING!!!

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