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Stuck in lost/stolen land


Stuck in lost/stolen land

We recently migrated to Version who offered us a trade in deal for our existing Sprint phones.  I had 5 lines on my account.  All of the lines migrated fine.  When I went to trade in the devices 4 of the 5 worked but the 5th says it cannot be traded in because it is on the lost or stolen list.  Verizon says Sprint placed it on the lost/stolen list after we migrated service.  We had sprint service on the phone for almost 2 years prior to migration.  I've called sprint numerous times and they say they don't know how to fix it.  This is costing me $300 in lost trade in value.  Love how they are messing with my device after we migrate service.  Anyone have any ideas how to escalate or fix this issue?


Sprint Social Care

Re: Stuck in lost/stolen land

Hey there. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This doesn't sound right. When a device is placed on the lost or stolen list, this is done by the request of the customer. As in this case, if the device was placed erroneously on the lost or stolen list, you can request the device to be release. I can help you resolve this issue. Let's get your account information. My name is Juan and I'm with the Sprint social care department. Please send us a private message with your name, account holders name, phone number, account PIN or answer to the security question.

Sprint Social Care
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