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Switching from iPhone Forever to Galaxy Forever

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Switching from iPhone Forever to Galaxy Forever

I currently have an iPhone 7 Plus on the iPhone Forever program and I’m due for an upgrade fairly soon. I’m not very satisfied with the new iPhone 8 or iPhone X, so I’d like to switch to a Samsung Galaxy S8 and stick with Galaxy phones from here on out. My question is: if I’m currently on the iPhone Forever program, can I switch to the Galaxy Forever program when I’m eligible for an upgrade and turn in my iPhone 7 Plus for a Samsung Galaxy S8? If possible, will I be penalized in any way for switching programs?

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Re: Switching from iPhone Forever to Galaxy Forever

If you're eligible to upgrade on iPhone Forever, yes, you can upgrade to a Galaxy without penalty.  You'll turn in your device just as you did with the iPhone.  Actually, with Sprint Flex leasing, you don't even have to choose a Galaxy, you can pick any other phone in our lineup, as long as you send back your iPhone when you receive your new one.  


The main advantage to Galaxy and iPhone Forever, obviously, is that yearly upgrades (after 12 payments) are included at no additional cost. But, say you fell in love with a Moto Z2 Force (very cool phone that has some AMAZING Mods built for it), you could get the yearly upgrade add on for $5/mo.



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Re: Switching from iPhone Forever to Galaxy Forever

Thank you so much for your reply. I really apppreciate your help! 

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