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Unending Support Tickets - Need Help Unlocking iPhone 6S


Unending Support Tickets - Need Help Unlocking iPhone 6S

Well, I’ve tried and I’ve tried, but I’m about at the end of my patience dealing with phone customer service, and so I’m trying a different route. 


I paid off my iPhone 6s on 6/12/19 and have since been on the unending journey to get my phone unlocked so that I can transfer services. Thus far I have called up Sprint customer service six times, each within a few business days within each other (6/16, 6/20, 6/25, 6/27, and 7/3), and each time I was told that my phone was perfectly eligible to be unlocked and that it would take around 24-48 hours, or, fairly enough, a bit longer in some cases (between 4-5 business days). Considering that it has been well beyond any of those time frames now I’m starting to get the feeling that I’m either getting the run around or I’m just encountering some very unfortunate issues that no one that I speak to will explain; instead, all I’ve gotten thus far are dismissals and with them more assurances and additional case ID tickets being opened that never seem to amount to anything but more case ID tickets and even more assurances that this time will be it.


There have been five case IDs opened on this subject already.


I would appreciate any staffer who could look at this on their end and keep me in the loop via email. I think one of the issues is that while I’m trying to get my phone unlocked I do not have a call back number. I’ve just been dialing in *2 when I want to check the status of my case ID ticket. My email is indeed on file, but I’ve only gotten one email about this issue the entire time that this has been going on.


Thank you.

Sprint Social Care S.M.A.R.T. Agent

Re: Unending Support Tickets - Need Help Unlocking iPhone 6S

I'm happy to check on what's happening with the unlock status of the phone. Based on the date that it was paid off compared to the dates of the requests, it sounds like it may just be too early for the case to be approved. We have to ensure that the payoff has been billed before the unlock will be approved. I'm going to send you a private message to get your account information.





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