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Unlock my phone


Unlock my phone

How in the hell do I get MY phone that I OWN unlocked? I have called customer service thrice, and used chat TWICE to get MY PHONE unlocked, and I keep getting told that it is submitted and will be unlocked within six hours, and every time I contact chat after getting off work IT IS NOT UNLOCKED!! Pretty soon imma be calling customer service cussing because of how mad I am at the colossal waste of my time and money that this company has been for me. I want MY PHONE unlocked. I’m consistently told that it IS submitted for unlock and contacting chat after work and being told I NEED TO CALL CUSTOMER SUPPORT FOR THE UNLOCK, WHICH I HAVE DONE THREE TIMES NOW.

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Re: Unlock my phone

I get your frustration with the back and forth. An unlock can be successful within 6 hours, but it's rare. Usually, it takes 2-3 days. Have you received any emails stating that the phone unlock was requested or finalized? Have you received any case or ticket numbers? Is your phone still active on Sprint?





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