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Unlocked iphone not activated on Sprint


Unlocked iphone not activated on Sprint



I had an unlocked iPhone XS Max used on Ultra mobile (T-mobile based mvno, I guess) which is supposed to work on both CDMA/GSM networks. (ESN/IMEI is clean, of course.)


Few days ago, I gave the phone to one of my family member. He previously used iPhone 6S on Sprint so we had to order a new sim from Sprint store. But after that, they failed to activate the new sim because their system says the IMEI is not valid.


According to my research here, this IMEI of new unlocked phone should be added to Sprint's database in order to be activated. (Although I don't get it why the Sprint store can't do it.) And it seems usually done by some moderators here by private messages. Is there anyone who can help me out?




For the record for others, Sprint employee PM'ed me to check the list at which is nonsense because any recent iPhone (which is unlocked) is supposed to work with both CDMA/GSM.


And then they just said go to a store. I've already done that, and all they do is trying to put my IMEI to their checker system which says it is invalid for no reason. That is something I could do at my home, and I'm there to find the issue and fix it, not just to check that. I've researched about this issue and it seems like only few Sprint technicians know the real issue and how to fix it (maybe adding the IMEI on their database for some way). Hope some of them finds this article.

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