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iPhone 6 A1586 BYOD with sprint network


iPhone 6 A1586 BYOD with sprint network

I have been trying to add a new line to my account and bring my old iPhone 6 A1586 to my grandma, and the website tells me my phone is not eligible. I’m just so confused and frustrated why is it not compatible because I have read many articles that the model is perfectly compatible with sprint’s network. 


I went to verizon’s website, put my IMEI in and there’s no problem there. I called sprint rep and went into the store, NOBODY even knows what I’m talking about how this model is compatible with Sprint, they were just simply like, yeah, idk, the website says it’s not eligible. 


I have been a loyal customer for more than 7 and half years and I’m thinking about bringing my business to Verizon where the customer service is perfect and helpful. I have to jump so many hoops with sprint.  

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Re: iPhone 6 A1586 BYOD with sprint network

I wanted to check in with you and let you know that I received your private message also. The BYOD tool says that it's not eligible. Though, according to, it is eligible, but needs to be added. I'll return to your PM to get the rest of the information needed for adding the IMEI.





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