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iPhone Launch Info/Q&A

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iPhone Launch Info/Q&A

We all have a TON of questions around the announcement and Sprint's plans and promos.  We do TOO!


We've gathered some information and answers to some of the questions we know you will have around upgrading and eligibility.  We will be adding more pre-order and launch specific information to the list as that info becomes available.


Apple iPhone 8 page

Apple iPhone X page

Apple Watch Series 3 page

Sprint iPhone 8/8+ page

Sprint iPhone X page

iPhone: Why Sprint?


Questions you've asked:

Q:  How can I check my Order status?

A:  You can check your order status by logging into your My Sprint account and look for My Orders or by going to  We also have delivery expectations arranged by device model and 24/7 live chat available from the Order status page.



Q:  I never got my confirmation email or tracking email.  Can you resend it?

A: Check your Spam folder just in case emails from Sprint have been routed there.  If you're still unable to locate it, you can chat with Order Support through the My Order page and they can provide you with your order number.



Q: I made a mistake with my order (wrong color or size).  Can I change it?

A: Unfortunately, once an order is processed, it cannot be modified.  If your order has not yet shipped, you may be able cancel it by chatting in to Order Support through the My Order page.  Once the current order is cancelled you should be able to create a new order, including a new payment. Once an order has been shipped, it cannot be cancelled.



Q: The delivery address on my order is wrong.  Can I update it?

A: If your order has not yet shipped, you may be able to change the delivery address.  You will need to chat with Order Support through the page to verify.  There are certain situations and restrictions which may mean that the address can't be updated.


Q: What can I do to get ready for my new phone?

A:  We've put together some useful tips and tricks that you can use wen you're preparing to return our previous iPhone and get a new one.  Check out: What to Do When You Get the New iPhone


Q:  When do pre-orders start and when will it be available in stores?

A:  iPhone 8, iPhone 8 + and Apple Watch series 3 pre-orders start Friday, September 15th with the devices available at retail locations starting September 22.  Pre-order for iPhone X will begin October 27 with the phones available from retail channels starting November 3.



Q:  Is there a guarantee that pre-orders will be shipped by launch day?

A:  Youll receive a link in your shipping confirmation that includes an estimated shipping date range.  Barring complications and unforseen circumstances, most orders ship within that range but we cannot guarantee the phone will be recieved on a particular day.



Q: How do I check to see if I am eligible to upgrade?

A: You can check the eligibility of your lines from your My Sprint account or from our Upgrade Eligibility support page



Q: Can I get the new iPhones on a two year agreement?  If not, what are my Purchase Options?

A: Some customers may qualify to purchase via a 2 year agreement directly through Apple.  For more information, please see the Apple website.  For Sprint purchase options, please take a look at our article: What are my phone purchase options?

  • Be advised that customers on a discounted rate plan are subject to a $25/per line fee for each line under contract.  For more information, please see our article: What is the subsidized device charge?



Q: Will the new iPhones qualify for iPhone Forever?
A: Yes! Qualifying customers can lease a new iPhone through iPhone Forever Flex lease. For more information please see our iPhone Forever FAQ page



Q: How can I tell if I’m on an iPhone Forever lease?

A: You can check the terms of your lease agreement through the My Sprint app and your My Sprint account.  If you are on the iPhone Forever program, your eligibility should say “Today” under the Flex Lease option



Q:  If I'm on iPhone Forever, do I need to order through Sprint or can I get my phone from Apple instead?

A:  IPhone Forever is exclusive to Sprint, so if you're ready to upgrade, you'll want to login to, call Telesales, or visit a store to get your upgrade started.



Q: My lease isn't eligible to upgrade. Can I pay it off and have my eligibility reset to order a new phone?

A: You should be able to pay your remaining lease payments and upgrade early. Contact Telesales or your local Sprint store for more information.



Q:  I am on installment billing(IB) and pay extra to upgrade on a yearly basis with giveback.  I'm not at 12 months yet, is there a way I can get my yearly upgrade early?

A:  Unfortunately, there is no way to accelerate to the 12 month mark. You may be able to pay off your full installment billing agreement instead (see below)



Q: Can I pay off the balance of my IB agreement and order right away?

A: You can pay off your installment billing balance at any time (via phone self-service, Sprint Store and through Care). Once paid, your upgrade eligibility will reset automatically after 5 days. You can also contact Telesales who may be able to process an order sooner. Once you have paid off your IB balance, you may use your current phone as a trade-in on the new phone.



Q: Can I pay off my two year agreement and have my eligibility reset to upgrade now?

A: Unfortunately, there is no way to buyout a two year agreement.



Q: I have to turn my phone back in to Sprint in order to upgrade.  How does that work?

A: If you’re upgrading in a store, the store will walk you through the process. If you are ordering through Telesales or the web, please see the links below and let us know if you have questions:

For more information about returning phones visit the Trade-in, turn-in, giveback or return my phone support page and let us know if you have questions



Q: Can I purchase from the manufacturer or another retailer and add TEP+ with or without AppleCare Services (ACS) later?

A: Yes! You can add TEP+ within 60 days of activation. If you purchase a new device after 9/12/17, you can add TEP+ with Applecare Services for the regular price of $13/month any time within the first 60 days of activation.  For more information see:


Q:  If I have the iPhone 6 can I upgrade to an iPhone 8 or do I have to go to the iPhone 7 before I can get an iPhone 8, 8 Plus or X?

A:  If you're eligible to upgrade you can pick the iPhone model that works for you.  You're not locked ito a numerical sequence of upgrades.



Q:  Are you offering any deals for current customers who want to upgrade?

A:  We never forget our existing customers; you're our oldest friends!  Log into your account or call Telesales tomorrow for offers designed just for you.  


Feel free to ask relevant questions in this thread.  We'll be adding more relevant Q and As to this list for everybody to see.  We move your comment to another forum or thread in order to keep this space clear for other customers to get information efficiently.  








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