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iPhone Unlocking Question


iPhone Unlocking Question

Hi. My daughter will be studying abroad for 3 1/2 months in Japan this upcoming fall. Her advisor over there suggested the best option for her to have cell service is to have unlocked phone that they can set up Japanese service with. Her iPhone was bought through Apple and as of today there's 7 more payments left on the Citizens One loan for it to be paid in full. Her iphone service is on my account.
Is the iPhone considered unlocked if it was bought through Apple? If not what steps need to be done to unlock it? I would keep her sprint service activate for the 3 months she is gone.
I'm hoping she can just remove the sprint SIM when she gets there and get one of their SIM cards for Japanese service, when its time to come home she can just swap it back to sprint SIM to use in the US.

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Re: iPhone Unlocking Question

Hey Brian. I'd be glad to take a look and check on her phone for you. It's probably already unlocked if it came from Apple directly, but there is always a chance it has locked to the network. I'll send you a PM so we can get some additional info. If we need to send through for an unlock request, it's a pretty quick and easy thing for us to get taken care of for her!


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