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*2 automated call director not working correctly.


*2 automated call director not working correctly.

   I called a few times about unrelated issues this last 7 days. I have in hand my main account phone, but was calling about a different phone on my family plan. The automated call director recognizes the phone number you are calling from and asks if that is the phone you are calling about ... if not enter the number you are calling about.  My phones are in the 402 area code.  As I enter the phone number I am calling about, the system drops me into the make a phone payment on your bill system and stays there asking me how much I want to pay.

   I have valid reasons for using my main phone rather the phone being called about.  Once, it was a techinal issue which requires a different phone to be used in order to allow SPRINT tech support to do their job.

  This malfunction happened more tban once.  It is repeatable if SPRINT cares to take action.  I was trying to talk about a 402-210 **** phone.  I am an experienced inbound telemarketer.  I know the value of a properly functional automated call director.  The one SRPINT is using needs reprograming. 

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