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5 Educational Apps for Your Sprint Smartphone


You use mobile apps every day to simplify and support your busy life. But did you know that you can find apps to advance you and your child’s education also?

There are apps for students of every age and back-to-school season is the perfect time to explore the educational apps available on your Sprint smartphone. We compiled a list of our favorite mobile apps that do everything from tutor your tykes on numbers, letters and shapes to helping you or your kids with algebra homework.

For the preschool set, Intellijoy is a top app developer that creates educational apps for children using a balanced blend of education and fun. Each app has a clear focus: Learning math, shapes and how to read, so your child can fully engage in the subject at hand.

Kids Numbers and Math is a mobile app dedicated to helping preschool-aged children learn numbers and develop math skills. The app is boosted by YogiPlay and has a “parent center”, which gives you insight into your child’s progression of learning and customized recommendations for other learning apps based on your child’s preferences.

Kids Numbers & Math.png

Kids Learn to Read is another Intellijoy app that focuses on teaching children to practice blending sounds together to read simple words. As each letter is sounded out, Tommy the Turtle moves across a letter bridge. And as your child becomes comfortable with blending sounds, he or she can give Tommy a skateboard to move him more quickly across the bridge.

Kids Learn to Read.png

Shape your child’s mind during downtime or after school by letting him or her put together puzzles of images in categories such as food, animals, numbers and letters.  Kids Preschool Puzzle helps kids build “cognitive skills, visual spacial skills, shape recognition as well as tactile and fine motor skills”.

Kids Shapes Puzzle.png

For older students, our two must-have educational apps are the app and Math Studio.

The app is the perfect pocket companion to consult when writing a research paper or taking an exam. Ensure that you have used the correct version of “their” and “there” or spelled “definitely” properly--common errors that will cost you a couple of points when your project is graded.

Dictionary app.png

Most mobile phones come with calculators, but Math Studio can do more than merely subtract and add. It is a full-featured graphic calculator with over 200 functions, including algebra, calculus, statistics and 2D, 3D and time graphing. This app is around one fifth of the price of a comparable calculator and is a great back-up option if you forget your fancy calculator during class or an exam.

Math Studio app.png

How do you use your Sprint smartphone as an educational tool for you or your children?